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We help you expand
your market footprint faster.

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We help you build
more profitable revenue streams faster.

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We don’t have business consultants. We have Sherpas.

We solve our clients' revenue challenges. Our Sherpas℠ are ready to apply the Third Growth Option℠ process to make your business more valuable.
The Sherpa stories are familiar; Sherpas, elite mountaineers, experts in their local areas in hazardous elevations, guide teams of climbers to reach unobtainable summits. Our process is similar: (re)ALIGN uses experienced business Sherpas who are familiar with unknown territories, to expand your market footprint.

“We help owners and executives of mid-sized companies with the Third Growth Option to expand their market footprint. Our process is faster than internal organic growth, and cheaper, less risky than inorganic acquisition solutions.”

About You

About You

Our ideal and favorite clients are owners or executives of mid-sized companies, privately held or private-equity owned. While their annual revenue ranges from start-up to several billion dollars, most of our client companies are mid-sized ($5 million to $500 million of annual revenues), often consumer-oriented businesses. We serve manufacturers (for whom we sharpened go-to-market processes that doubled their revenues), we work with distributors (for whom we built new categories and new channel access) and retailers in search of more profitable revenue streams.

Our clients often lack the bandwidth or find themselves stuck, so organic growth options may be languishing, or acquisition deemed too costly or too risky. Yet your desire remains, to reach the next mountain top and make the company more valuable – and (re)ALIGN Expansion Sherpas offer a proven solution.


About Us

About Us

We Expand your Market Footprint℠, faster.

(re)ALIGN is a business expansion agency, focused on innovation and execution to help owners and executives reach the next mountain top. Started during the 2009 Great Recession, we are a team of gritty, growth-minded, execution-focused and results-driven Sherpas. We solve a key problem: even the most highly effective executives “can’t run a business, and build a business, at the same time, with the same resources.”

Our Sherpas build more profitable revenue streams, faster: 1) we build new categories for our clients and 2) we build new channels and 3) we execute a better go-to-market process in your core categories and channels. We help companies when they lack bandwidth or find themselves stuck – organic growth options may be languishing, or acquisition deemed too costly or too risky.

Our Third Growth Option℠ is faster than internal organic growth, and cheaper (less risky) compared to inorganic acquisition solutions.

Since launching (re)ALIGN, our teams built over 9-figures in new revenue streams for our clients and their customers.