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3 tips for managing off-site talent (especially relevant as COVID-19 social distancing measure).

Posted on: March 16th, 2020

Remote talent can help you grow, faster. What works best, why and how?

It’s all about the people, they say. With 3.5% unemployment we can’t hire the right people, they say. During COVID-19 emergency, we have to lower the risk of infection, they say. If we had more talent we could grow faster, they say.

Yeah, but… what you’re gonna do about it?

Sure, some tasks require on-site resources – like factory work, which will constrain profitable growth in a tight labor market, unless relieved by automation and machinery – but many do not.

There are many tasks that can be done remotely, virtually, off-site. In my experience it’s a bigger opportunity than most managers or executives consider possible. Expanding the list of jobs that can be done remotely (after making some adjustments or using below hacks to make virtual team members most effective) is a strong competitive weapon in the talent wars, and it is an effective COVID-19 social distancing measure. While on-site resources limit your pool of candidates to those living within commuting distance, remote talent opens your access to candidates nationally (maybe 50x or 5000x more candidates than you can access locally, depending on your community size).

WHAT TYPE OF WORK should you consider being done remotely?

TOP 3 BENEFITS OF VIRTUAL team members – why nurture remote talent?

TOP 3 HACKS TO MAKE VIRTUAL TEAM MEMBERS MOST EFFECTIVE (Hint: these are things we should also do with our on-site team members but often don’t…)

It’s really not all that complicated. Communicate well and habitually, provide extra technology, and include team members (in person or on video) in key meetings, and pretty soon your on-site team and off-site team will view each other simply part of one team.

The right talent can help you grow, with perspectives from across the country (or across the world – we have helped clients overseas to access US talent, and helped American companies in one US state access talent from other US states, with a fresh perspective and focus on results that helped their business grow significantly).

Think about the amazing talent pool available 200 or 3000 miles from your office that can help your company grow, help you analyze information, coordinate resources, and develop strategy that gets executed, with just a little know-how (and -why and -what) to hiring remote talent.

NOTE: This article was originally published Feb 27, 2020 and updated in light of the COVID-19 National Emergency.