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This blog is for owners and executives of growth-oriented businesses who share our growth mindset and passion for building value. Here, we share insights and experiences in our growth journey, things we learned with or from our clients, that can help you reach your next mountaintop. Enjoy!

Ep. 13: Growing by Design – Using Empathy to Unlock Growth

Posted on: October 1st, 2020

How does empathy unlock potential for growth? Cindy Tripp talks about seeing the world in the other’s shoes, building rapport and candor, letting go of judgment to allow curiosity to open new doors, inside teams and out in the market. Whether Cindy shares global company stories – like P&G learning from a small competitor in Peru – or her personal meditation (inhale “I don’t know” and exhale “let it go”), her message about the power of empathy is inspiring and helpful in our journey to unlock growth of any kind.