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This blog is for owners and executives of growth-oriented businesses who share our growth mindset and passion for building value. Here, we share insights and experiences in our growth journey, things we learned with or from our clients, that can help you reach your next mountaintop. Enjoy!

Ep. 25: Purpose-driven Business: Fusing Clean Energy with Capitalism

Posted on: December 3rd, 2020

My guest Steve Melink shares a powerful and very important story: highly knowledgeable about clean energy, he built a case why clean energy is critically important for humankind, wrote a book about it (Fusion Capitalism – Clean Energy Vision for Conservatives), has taken risks by building a purpose-driven business around a politically charged issue, and he walks the walk on clean energy with his 100+ employee company in Cincinnati, OH.

They tell us we shouldn’t talk about politics or religion in business. Steve talks about both, in a way that is grounded in science and should resonate with reasonable people on either side of the political aisle. My take-away – in addition to Steve’s clean energy message – is “run your business with a purpose bigger than yourself.”