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Sherpa Growth Insights

This blog is for owners and executives of growth-oriented businesses who share our growth mindset and passion for building value. Here, we share insights and experiences in our growth journey, things we learned with or from our clients, that can help you reach your next mountaintop. Enjoy!

Ep. 9: Run your Business as if you were to Sell it in Three Years

Posted on: September 10th, 2020

Amplifying a business by a factor of 10x (in Jeffrey Lazarow’s case from 5 stores to a chain of 49 mall stores in 11 states) requires an open mind, a few powerful guiding principles (like “run your business as if you were to sell it in three years”), hard work and of course some luck and tail winds (like market trends, seen and embraced by an open mind). Jeffrey shares with our listeners how his decision to start with the end in mind shaped his business story and impacted his life and family in a lovely way.