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Execution is what
makes us different.

The time is now

Do your strategies always get executed?

Like your team members, our Sherpas have worked in the real world, in operations big and small, and we understand that strategic thinking often takes a back seat. Too often strategies do not get executed. (re)ALIGN tethers strategy with execution. We operate at the intersection of innovation and execution.


Industry Insight

Ingredient #1: Our Sherpas understand your industry, and they offer invaluable insight. Our clients tell us our industry insight (with unrelenting focus on your bottom-line results) sets us apart, and cements our ability to execute on their behalf.


“3i-Turbo” Communication

Ingredient #2: We believe in visibility through “turbo-communication”, because it forces sharper thinking on our part and leads to quicker oversight for our clients. The term “3 i’s of communication” was coined by Mike Vance, the author of the classic best seller “Think Outside the Box”. And it works.


Accountability, Milestones

Ingredient #3: Each of our projects is organized into milestones, for the value-building journey that leads to more profitable revenue streams. It’s how we hold ourselves accountable, so you don’t have to.


START with a Growth Evaluation

Every project to expand a client’s market footprint starts with a Growth Evaluation. We invest many days into understanding your business, and into what we believe your growth opportunity is and how we endeavor to turn it into reality.

We’re cross-functional

Was Steve Jobs just great at marketing or also at hiring talent? Was Henry Ford just great at developing the car assembly line or also at distribution? It takes a cross-functional mindset to start new ventures and nurture them to profitability. Our Sherpa teams round out our clients’ cross-functional expertise, ensuring collaborative execution that results in more profitable revenue streams, faster.

It's all about the Execution

“Vision without execution is hallucination” – this Thomas Edison quote captures our essence. We’re different from consultants because we don’t just articulate ideas, we execute them. We look for clients for whom we can add at least $2-3M of new revenues quickly, and we have added over 8-figure revenue streams for many clients. We’re committed to make it happen. Our successes live on our client’s P&L statements. Our Sherpas operate at the intersection of innovation and execution.

“(re)ALIGN is awesome. In the trenches with us, they helped us land a huge national account with right product and presentation materials. They get the job done.” Trent Atchley, Creative Sales