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Third Growth Option Podcast

Our TGO Podcast is for and by business leaders, sharing insight into growth stories and growth approaches…to help you reach your next mountaintop.

Find your Sweet Spot, and Pursue it.

Posted on: June 30th, 2020

Find it, pursue it, and forgeddabout those who don’t get it.

I’m in the middle of launching The Third Growth Option Podcast, coming soon to Apple, Spotify, and others. In the process of conceptualizing and launching it, I was reminded of the importance of focusing on your sweet spot. What is it, how can you find it, why is it important to pursue your sweet spot?

What is your sweet spot?

It’s not enough to define your company’s vision/mission and say “that’s our sweet spot” (although a well-written mission is very helpful). It’s not enough to say I love my job and say “that’s my sweet spot”. I believe your sweet spot is what you do when you’re “in the zone”, when you’re firing on all cylinders so to speak. My sweet spot is bringing energy to people and projects, an “all in, damn the torpedoes let’s do this thing attitude”. Sure my firm helps business owners and leaders to expand their market footprint, by delivering market knowledge, business and process know-how, communication skills, the Third Growth Option Sherpa process, and that’s all very helpful. But energy – the curiosity, hunger, and persistence to get it done – matters most to me, that’s my and my firm’s sweet spot. What is your sweet spot?

How do you find your sweet spot?

Searching for your sweet spot requires humility (admitting you don’t know what you don’t know) and curiosity (wanting to know more). I found my sweet spot through lots of work since I was a teenager, trial and error at all levels from farm laborer to sales rep to buyer to CEO, reading, and an immigrant’s curiosity, hunger, and a heavy dose of my late father’s persistence. Each of us finds our sweet spot in different ways. One of my favorite clients is my complete opposite in many ways, he’s super successful (and yes even more so after we combined our yin and yangs) and he found his sweet spot in a different manner than I did. But being curious and humble, search he did. Look for your sweet spot.

Why is pursuing your sweet spot important?

For me, I had simply spent too much energy outside of my sweet spot. I spent too much time talking with people I thought I needed or needed me, thought I could help, or help me. Instead of focusing on my sweet spot, early in my career, I had focused on my “next job or project” in terms of the “title and company” that was on my resume (how to move from buyer at Pottery Barn, or from CEO of a garden décor distributor, to what?), and since I founded (re)ALIGN Expansion Sherpas in 2009 I focused on my “ideal project and ideal client”. So newsflash: the next project and ideal client are important, but meaningless if they’re outside of your sweet spot. I found myself networking with people who didn’t “get me” (or my firm’s mission to help owners expand their market footprint), trying to convert leads into clients I wouldn’t enjoy creating value for or who didn’t want my help.

Our most successful Sherpas bring a ton of energy to people and projects, energy that builds multi-million dollar profitable revenue opportunities for companies looking for that. Now there are people that think I bring too much energy, or they don’t like my style. Fair enough. I may well be the wrong choice for them, and that’s okay. I love being the right choice for business owners, innovators, operators who look for energy, in addition to know-how.

Look for your sweet spot, then pursue it.

It’s liberating. And it makes you more successful. Enjoy.