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This blog is for owners and executives of growth-oriented businesses who share our growth mindset and passion for building value. Here, we share insights and experiences in our growth journey, things we learned with or from our clients, that can help you reach your next mountaintop. Enjoy!

Ep. 6: Outsiders Contributing to Family Businesses: a Cultural Perspective

Posted on: August 20th, 2020

There are as many good reasons to bring large company thinking to privately-held smaller businesses, as there are ways to make that work, or not work. Carlos had a long and impressive career with IBM and as CFO for Purina in Mexico, has written on social responsibility and management systems, and was both the insider hiring outsiders, and the outsider brought in to create change. In this podcast Carlos shares his experiences, and tips on how to work with outsiders as an insider, and with insiders as an outsider.

    1. To act according to your own and company’s VALUES
    2. To be responsible for the CONSEQUENCES of your actions or inactions
    3. To act in HARMONY, congruent with values (“walk the walk, talk the talk”)
    4. To DELIVER, fulfill the mission, get it done