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Our process leverages the Third Growth Option:

The time is now

Better, faster, and cheaper

Our growth process helps our clients’ businesses grow faster than internal organic growth, and cheaper (less risky) than acquisition. We call it the Third Growth Option.

While consultants tell you how to run your business, and M&A folks help you acquire a new division, we will build a new business that fits inside your core business. Our process is designed to build a new business that’s similar enough to leverage existing assets, but different enough where nuances and wrinkles make it impractical for your core team to execute.

Option 1

Run the Core Business

Organically grow and optimize marketing, operations, finance, etc. We can help here too.


Option 2

acquire a new business

Buy access to new markets and capabilities, focus on ROI and integration.


third growth option

faster & cheaper (less risky)

Build new adjacent categories, channels of distribution, or better go-to-market processes for core products.

Building & Integrating (Pre- or Post-Acquisition)

Research and Insight

We start with the facts, and a Growth Evaluation: we look at your products & service, your capabilities and competitors, potential bottlenecks. We add insight into your industry, then we get to work and expand our clients’ market footprint.


Marketing Roadmap

We don’t believe in generic business plan templates outlining generic solutions that may not work for you. Our Marketing Roadmaps show the way – from your status quo to your ideal client, profitably and with the added fuel of reALIGN’s growth capacity.


Financial Roadmap

Most would not climb Mt. Everest without planning food and equipment to climb up and return safely to base camp. Likewise, our Financial Roadmaps are a planning tool, to capture our best thinking on projected revenues and margins, resources needed to get there, and projected results in profit and value creation.


Design Solutions

Adding adjacent categories (new products or services) requires capacity for design & development & sourcing. Accessing new channels of distribution requires the right mix of sales capacity, people and marketing collateral. Growth through a better go-to-market process for core products requires improved capacity for product-, digital-, or graphic design as well as sales capacity. Our designer Sherpas will contribute design thinking and do the heavy lifting required to get to market, faster.



“Vision without execution is hallucination” – this Thomas Edison quote captures our essence. We’re different from consultants because we don’t just articulate ideas, we help execute them. We look for clients for whom we can add at least $2-3M of new revenues in the first 24 months, and we have added over 8-figure revenue streams for several clients. We’re committed to make it happen. Our successes live on our clients’ P&L statements. Our Sherpas operate at the intersection of innovation and execution.

Three for Three

They say 85% of start­ups fail in the first five years. That is probably also true for internal start­ups. Why? We believe failure rates increase when executives focus on only one or two steps of our three step process:

Three for Three

Go Faster

We achieve faster go­-to-­market results for our clients by understanding and then optimizing your value proposition, improving go­-to-market processes and sales tools, to reach more of your market.

go faster

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