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Diagnose and Execute Growth Solutions.

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We solve revenue problems.

Is Organic Growth sputtering? Is Acquisition too risky? (re)ALIGN has a Third Growth Option: we find and develop adjacent product & service categories, we build new and better channels for distribution, and we implement better go-to market strategies. 

The result? New revenue, optimized to your core business. 

The THIRD GROWTH OPTION is a low-risk, high-reward solution for revenue growth. 

Reach out today and begin your growth journey.


Does my business have revenue problems?

When insufficient revenues sap resources, it often leads to finger-pointing and a downward spiral towards failure. Our process optimizes and grows your revenue streams faster, when:

  • Your team is stretched too thin
  • There is no bandwidth for change
  • There are holes in your go-to-market process
  • Distribution challenges hinder channel access
  • Product missteps result in missed margins
  • Marketing and branding gaps lead to uncompetitive and ineffective consumer experience
  • Operations run ‘in the dark’ with little coordination between supply and demand
  • Strategic planning is a red-headed stepchild
  • Project Management doesn’t drive accountability and results

Does this look like your business? Take our ten-minute self-diagnosis and find out if you’re growing to win or fighting to grow. If you like what you’re reading and want to talk, give us a call.


How do I solve my revenue problems?

There are two options companies traditionally utilize when trying to solve revenue problems: internal organic improvement from within or strategic acquisition. At (re)ALIGN, our Sherpas have developed a Third Growth Option.  

  • Option One: Run

The roll-up-your sleeves organic growth solution relies on internal optimization of your resources and processes across departments, including marketing, operations, finance, etc. This option is limited by your available internal resources. We can help here too. 

  • Option Two: Buy  

Why turn your processes upside down or pause key operations to scale when you could just buy access to new markets, revenue streams, and capabilities? While potentially effective, an acquisition is an expensive risk that leverages your business and may make you shy away from emergent opportunities. 


Faster, cheaper and less risky than running or buying, (re)ALIGN’s Third Growth Option focuses on building new adjacent categories, distribution channels, and more effective go-to-market processes for core products. In short: our Sherpas solve growth problems so you don’t have to.


We need Third Growth at my company! How does it work?

At this point, you’ve taken the self-diagnosis and realized that internal resources are just not available to kickstart growth the old-fashioned (read: slow and/or expensive) way. Once you’ve decided to invest in our Third Growth Option, we bring in the Sherpas—your dedicated business growth experts.


Step One: Discovery 

Initial calls with our Sherpas to determine baseline information, assess fit, and gain insight into your business model and revenue mix. 


Step Two: Growth Evaluation 

Our Sherpas perform a one-week deep dive into every crevice and crag of your business; this requires one day of participation from you and your team. 


Step Three: Proposal 

We develop a proposal for solving your Growth Problems with detailed breakdowns of the activities, timelines, and cost structures.  


Step Four: Roadmaps 

Our Sherpas develop a Marketing Roadmap, which lays out activities and timelines for growth, as well as a Financial Roadmap, which entails detailed P&L Forecasts. 


Step Five: Execution & Results 

Our Sherpas go to work executing against our roadmaps with cross-functionality, accountability, and transparency. Among other growth-related tactics, our Sherpas provide strategic planning, product refinement, marketing, branding, process & sales improvements: all the heavy lifting required to get to market faster. 


Our Sherpas guide Third Growth across our 3 growth paths:

  • BETTER GO-TO-MARKET PROCESS in your core categories or channels
  • BUILD NEW ADJACENT CATEGORIES – we design, source and build new product categories
  • BUILD NEW CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION – we build channels and the back-end processes, branding, digital store fronts they require



Third Growth sounds good, but does it actually work?

In a word, yes. We believe our case studies speak for themselves. Still not convinced? We’d be happy to put you in direct contact with our references.