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Results: Our work in action

Results matter. We don’t believe in selling pretty binders that collect dust after the meeting that was supposed to “drive innovation.” We lean in to get results, to add profitable revenue streams for our clients.

Sherpa team led 150% revenue growth - with only 80% more workers

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Leading USA direct-to-consumer company (part of HSN) had developed a new brand; a reALIGN Sherpa worked cross-functionally to define future growth phases beyond "version 1.0", and to articulate its brand voice to allow faster scaling.

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Lifestyle brand licensor had hit a barrier. Our Growth Evaluation process uncovered the target demographic was flawed. We recommended both, a more relevant consumer target persona and steps to reach her.

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Educational toy distributor’s sales trends missed the mark. A Growth Evaluation and Marketing Roadmap explored three growth avenues. The client executed one of them, leading to a reported 18% sales increase in first year.

Sherpas built a new category from $0 to $26M in three years

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USA manufacturer wanted an outsider’s perspective of a new product idea. Our Growth Evaluation estimated the idea’s sales potential. We recommended a different idea that doubled company revenues.

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Distributor of seasonal 4th quarter goods needed counter-cyclical product line but didn’t have enough people bandwidth; reALIGN delivered a turn-key solution (from ideation, research, design, to sample specs) for a successful product launch.

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Chinese commodity metal manufacturer needed US market know-how. reALIGN Sherpas defined and executed integrated marketing strategy (product and showroom design, sales meeting prep) that led to product placement in 2500 stores.

Sherpas built ecom marketplace business from $1M to $10M in 30 months

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Spanish consumer brand developer and distributor inquired about entering US market. reALIGN Growth Evaluation outlined market dynamics and launch sequence for successful execution.

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USA product designer and distributor faced sales momentum challenges; reALIGN Growth Evaluation articulated sales management and product management tactics to regain their edge.

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Belgian brand needed US launch team. Marketing Roadmap execution (channel selection, showroom launch, sales processes, assembling a sales team) and operational systems support created credibility and access to influential buyers.

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Czech apparel brand designer and distributor had entered US market without workable launch strategy. Our Marketing Roadmap outlined digital expansion, fueled by Sherpas ready to execute.

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USA consumer brand distributor needed temporary support. Interim coaching and strategic planning facilitation delivered guidance and new sales leadership.

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Luxury apparel retailer needed to solidify performance. Front-end support (marketing, event planning, etc.), and back room support (operational controls) increased revenues, and added $0.15 of profitability (after paying reALIGN) on each $1.00 of revenue.

“We help our clients reach the next mountain top…because you can’t run a business, and build a business, at the same time, with the same resources.” – Benno Duenkelsbuehler