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Tasks of a Growth Sherpa, after COVID-19 National Emergency declared

Posted on: March 16th, 2020

How can I help you?

Many of us have asked that question more in the past 72 hours since the U.S. government declared a National Emergency over COVID-19, and this question helped to bring much into clearer focus, which I’m sharing here to help all our clients (current, past, and future) with a quick task list that can help minimize losses and optimize future growth.

Over the weekend and today, I worked with a significant US manufacturer to scope and take steps, based on what we knew on Sunday of the COVID-19 crisis. We focused on supply chain components (helping factory workers, and inventory shipments, in the face of abnormally high uncertainty) having to adjust to yet unknown (but potentially large – in either direction) shifts in customer demand.

We focused on 4 areas, which I’m sharing here to help you prioritize your COVID-19 game plan. Prioritizing was hard at first as things were flying at us fast.

These 4 focus areas are now helping us minimize risk and uncover hidden opportunities.

The Chinese character for ‘crisis’ contains two characters, one for ‘danger’ and one for ‘opportunity’. I believe that in any crisis, danger looms in being overwhelmed (hopefully this blog helps you to prioritize), opportunity lives in focusing, prioritizing, and asking each stakeholder “how can I help you?”

I am sharing the above task list to help you as you take care of your stakeholders, and as you always look for opportunities to grow.

I am happy to pay it forward, to offer a second opinion (the proverbial fresh outside perspective from an industry insider) to help you grow (top line or bottom line or both) in these extraordinary times. How can we help you?