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Third Growth Option Podcast

Our TGO Podcast is for and by business leaders, sharing insight into growth stories and growth approaches…to help you reach your next mountaintop.

The Third Growth Option – THE TRADE WAR EDITION

Posted on: October 10th, 2019

The Trade War creates a ton of challenges and of course also opportunities. The NRF (National Retail Federation) predicts the trade war is likely to end in either 1) a trade war truce (with continued volatility and threat of tariffs, requiring sourcing and product development agility) or 2) decoupling from China – either way both importers and indeed Chinese owners of manufacturing plants are facing a future that requires looking outside of China. Thriving in this volatile environment requires a cross-functional approach to grow a new business (possibly with different or at least “tweaked” product, maybe under a new brand or sub-brand), without taking your eye off the core business.

This webinar, sponsored by the IMC (International Market Centers), in collaboration with your friends at reALIGN, shares a proven approach to thriving and growing in the current environment.