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Think like a gritty garage start-up again: 4 offense plays

Posted on: April 2nd, 2020

2020 called – and not politely – on our collective grit. To adapt, survive, pivot, then thrive. Grit is the attitude that drives the proverbial start-up in the garage, and grit will help get us through 2020. Grit: short, to the point, and battle-tested many times since I started reALIGN during the shitstorm of early 2009. Fear of the pandemic and self-preservation pushed most individuals to practice social distancing (important!), it pushed business owners and individuals to hunker down in a defensive posture (rightly so! See blog on defensive task list, and hundreds of emails and blogs each of us received recently); grit will pull us through – both to distract from fear as we complete, or at least after we launched the defensive actions, and to prepare for the light at the end of this tunnel.

While so many are working at home, nearer a garage if you’re in the ‘burbs, why not embrace the garage’s hard knuckle soul and adapt it to your business? I urge you to intentionally block time on your calendar today and next week to think about “offense”. Shift your mindset, from defense to offense, from survive to thrive, at least for a few uninterrupted hours. Articulate how your business will add rocket fuel to ideas whose time will come, maybe next month, or 3 to 12 months from now.

When that time comes, have a plan ready, then pull it off the shelf and into action.

As I talk with entrepreneurs and executives, often pro-bono now because hey, that whole National Emergency thing, we are helping to crystalize thoughts around these four offense plays:

Plan your offense now. Be gritty and leverage your team’s experience, process, and curiosity. Be persistent, stay hungry. Grit matters in 2020, like it always has in other crises. Grit by individuals, and by teams forgoing ego for the love of the game and success.

Stay healthy. 2020 will be tough, let’s go to the garage and build something much cooler.